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NFL Consensus Picks
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How does it work? You will receive 1 "Consensus Pick" for each game each day. The "Consensus Pick" for each game is calculated using a weighting system where each capper selects a team and then assigns a numerical value (0 to 10) based on their view of the strength of the pick. The pick with the most total points is deemed the "Consensus Pick".

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NFL Consensus Picks can be used only be purchased on this webpage. No Discount Codes, Advance Purchase discounts or any other discounts allowed.

Picks are sold as a package, and do not have guaranteed picks replacements in event of loss. All sales are final and non-refundable.

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NFL Consensus Picks Results
Over All
  Handicapper Name  WLPWin PercentCostReturn  ROI  
Consensus 21864377.305285004193813438

Last 30 Days
  Handicapper Name  WLPWin PercentCostReturn  ROI  
Consensus 245082.7586290045841684

Last 7 Days
  Handicapper Name  WLPWin PercentCostReturn  ROI  
Consensus 01001000-100

  Handicapper Name  WLPWin PercentCostReturn  ROI  
Consensus 0000000

Feb 13 2022 NFLLA Rams vs Cincinnati LA Rams -4.5 loss
Jan 30 2022 NFLCincinnati at Kansas City Cincinnati +7 WINNER
Jan 30 2022 NFLSan Francisco at LA Rams San Francisco +3.5 WINNER
Jan 23 2022 NFLBuffalo at Kansas City Buffalo +2.5 loss
Jan 23 2022 NFLLA Rams at Tampa Bay LA Rams +3 WINNER
Jan 22 2022 NFLCincinnati at Tennessee Tennessee -4 loss
Jan 22 2022 NFLSan Francisco at Green Bay San Francisco +5.5 WINNER
Jan 17 2022 NFLArizona at LA Rams LA Rams -3 WINNER
Jan 16 2022 NFLPhiladelphia at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay -8.5 WINNER
Jan 16 2022 NFLPittsburgh at Kansas City Kansas City -12 WINNER
Jan 16 2022 NFLSan Francisco at Dallas San Francisco +3.5 WINNER
Jan 15 2022 NFLLas Vegas at Cincinnati Cincinnati -6 WINNER
Jan 15 2022 NFLNew England at Buffalo Buffalo -4.5 WINNER
Jan 9 2022 NFLCarolina at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay -11 WINNER
Jan 9 2022 NFLChicago at Minnesota Minnesota -3.5 WINNER